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“Between Earth and Sky” intertwines three themes: food accessibility, soil regeneration, and pollination, all of which are central to Ollin Farm's mission. During the summer of 2022, artist Margarita Cabrera worked with over sixty community members to create the ceramic spoons seen here and at the Longmont Museum. The piece also reflects on the shared family heritage of Cabrera and Ollin Farms co-owner Kena Guttridge, who are first cousins, and grew up in Mexico City together.

“This project has brought us together full circle, sharing our passions for food/land and the arts, and social justice. We could say, this collaboration has been unfolding for decades and it is my hope that it continues for many more.” - Cabrera

Through community storytelling workshops, participants learned about the land, and one another. These spoons, with the bowls of seeds beneath them, link the rich diversity of our community to the land and life that sustains it.

The seeds here were generously donated by the MASA Seed Foundation.

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  • <p>Margarita Cabrera's clay workshop</p>
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