Milk & Honey

6018 Oreg Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80303, United States

About the Work

We think of two words: Gravity and Fed.

Gravity gives weight to physical objects.

We cannot see gravity,

only the things moved by gravity.

Gravity has no color,

no sound and no meaning

except when two or more matter(s)

come together and connect.

Milk and Honey Farm draws from the flowing waters of South Boulder Creek which originates 11,866 feet above Boulder along the continental divide, and moves through a complex watershed to the Gulf of Mexico. Futurefarmers used the idea of gravity, which helps water reach the farm, as a starting point, and invited five artists including Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, artist, (Oakland, CA), Camille Dungy, poet, (Fort Collins, CO), Sanam Emami & Del Harrow, artists, (Fort Collins, CO) and Oscar VanGeertruyden, artist, (Belgium), to meditate on this idea of Gravity Fed.

In response, Futurefarmers created a series of five sculptures, which were placed on mobile stages and activated during a performative procession from the creek to Milk and Honey Farm. The wheelbarrows now remain at the farm. An edition of printed materials have been made to take away and are available by the main signage kiosk.

Hours of Operation

Days Times
Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm
  • <p>Installtion by the Futurefarmers</p>
  • <p>Farm grounds</p>