Agricultural Heritage Center

Agricultural Heritage Center, Longmont, Colorado 80503, United States

Hours of Operation

Days Times
Friday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

About the Work

This field of floating flowers is based on plants found in Colorado. They are primarily native plants and grasses, but also include crested wheatgrass - a non-native plant that was planted for agriculture historically in this area. This dream-like environment shifts the perspective of a traditional landscape, rendering the plants monumental and inverting them. The fabric panels that hang from the barn emphasize the verticality of the space and the way that air moves through the interior - the panels twist and turn like flowers swaying in a summer’s breeze.

Where to find artwork

  • <p>Ode to a Prairie (Part 2)</p>
  • <p>Barn at the Agricultural Heritage Center</p>
  • <p>Amanda McCavour installation </p>
  • <p>Amanda McCavour taking a photograph of completed piece</p>

On View until September 4, 2023