Longmont, Boulder

  • <p>Sam Van Aken grafting</p>
  • <p>Sam Van Aken</p>
  • <p>Grafting samples</p>

About the Work

Artist Sam Van Aken collaborated with CU’s Boulder Apple Tree Project over the course of two years to create Tree of 40 Fruit: The Boulder Trees. In the fall of 2021, Van Aken came to Colorado and planted four trees with a Dolgo Crabapple base. The following spring, he grafted 20-30 heritage apple varieties to each tree using scions (buds/branches of trees) collected throughout the Front Range community. This project celebrates and preserves the vanishing apple cultivars that were grown on the Front Range centuries ago. Over time each tree will produce a variety of apples, ranging in size, flavor and origin, but connected to the roots of Coloradan and American history.

Locations to view Sam Van Aken's grafted apple trees

Location of Trees

  • Longmont Museum
  • Ollin Farms
  • Milk & Honey Farm at the Jewish Community Center
  • Carnegie Library for Local History